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Through Kpoptickets, we bring K-Pop enthusiasts closer to their favorite artists, offering access to electrifying concert tickets, official tour merch, and exclusive fan benefits. 

At Kpoptickets, we go beyond providing a ticketing platform.

StudioPAV partners with local ticket sellers to ensure easy access to ticket sales platforms through Kpop tickets.

Our commitment to convenience extends to payment methods, as Kpop tickets accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and various international  payment methods. 

Key Features

Access to favorite concerts / Official tour merch / Exclusive fan benefits

Discover the vibrant world of K-Pop with Kpoptickets, StudioPAV's exclusive ticket and merchandise marketplace for K-Pop concerts.

Join us on Kpoptickets for an immersive K-Pop journey! 


SHOW[K]ASE is currently a social media account administered by Studio PAV that aims to expose diverse K-Pop artists to an international audience.

Under Studio PAV's expertise, SHOW[K]ASE will connect international K-Pop fans meets with their bias and help K-Pop artists secure a larger audience, and possibly debut in the US.

Uncover the Next Wave of K-Pop.

Your go-to spot for fresh and underground artists on the rise.

Join the movement and be part of something big! 


Powered by Amazon Web Services, the necessary power and reliable hosting has provided successful communication between the artist and fans.

Also the hub to all our past concerts and Group Photos fans receive from concerts!​

A StudioPAV owned and operated Online Streaming Platform

Built to give access for our fans to watch live Online Streaming Platform.


Studio PAV’s own virtual marketplace for official tour merchandise and K-Pop goods.

BuyKpopMerch provides fans exclusive tour merch for the artists that PAV is working with.

Shop exclusive merchandise from your favorite Studio PAV Tours!

Provides​ fans exclusive tour merch for the artists​.

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